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  10 September 2014 PACT's study reveals West Midlands had twice national rate of abductions
  10 September 2014 PACT releases new data on child abduction for Manchester area 
  23 May 2013 Calls for child abduction UK 'hub' (London Evening Standard)
  23 May 2013 Call for child abduction UK 'hub' (MSN)
  23 May 2013 Call for child abduction UK 'hub' (Press Association/Yahoo News)
  16 October 2012 What's behind the abduction intrigue?
  1 October 2012 Father killed his two children and them himself after family split
  September 2012 New Definition of Domestic Violence Will Include "Coercive Control"
  September 2012 Edward Timpson Replaces Tim Loughton as Children's Minister
  September 2012 Draft Legislation on Family Justice Published
  September 2012 Reflections on Primary Caretaker and the Child's Voice in Hague Convention Cases
  26 August 2012 Kids at Risk on the Streets
  16 June 2012 Birthday Honours List 2012
  13 June 2012 Parents' Right to See Children After Divorce Will Be Enshrined in Law
  13 June 2012 Parents' Access Rights After Divorce Enshrined in Law
  13 June 2012 Contact Plans for Separating Parents Are Unveiled
  28 May 2012 The UK's Missing Children Conundrum
  24 May 2012 A Child Disappears Every Five Minutes...Help Us Find Them
  24 May 2012 Hidden Hell
  21 May 2012 Missing Children Website Relaunched
  15 December 2011 The true level of abduction pain in Britain
  21 September 2011 Divorcing parents can 'damage' children
  25 May 2011 Major changes to investigation on missing children
  19 September 2010 Is the family justice system in need of review?
  29 July 2010 Number of UK children abducted by a parent on the rise
  12 July 2010 Facebook and CEOP agree on ‘panic’ button
  7 July 2010 Where should children live when couples split?
  28 May 2010 My husband stole my children
  26 May 2010 Etan Patz case reopened 31 years later
  1 January 2010 A Third of Abducted Children Not Returned Home after One Year
  18 May 2009 Kate and Gerry McCann to help raise plight of missing children
  18 May 2009 Campaign launched to keep missing children in spotlight
  3 May 2009 Eem Opsporing Faalt
  15 July 2009 Lost, Stolen or Strayed
  2 August 2008 The horrible moment when my world came crashing down
  9 April 2008 Could Europe alerts stop abductions?
  6 March 2008 Alert would have saved Madeleine McCann
  9 March 2008 Our Children are Missing
  27 February 2008 Information gap over missing children in the UK
  22 September 2007 International Family Law Jeremy D. Morley Open letter
  4 November 2006 Catherine Meyer 10-year battle
  3 January 2006 Help us find them
  27 March 2005 Gov. Dept severely criticised by Parliamentary Ombudsman for its handling of Lady Meyer's case 
  31 May 2004 The Lady's not for turning
  20 February 2003 International Parental Child Abduction
  2004 Statistics Child Abduction, Home Office
  29 May 2000 Germany Bows to US on Custody Disputes
  2 August 1999 In Child Custody, Germany Is Tough on the French
  2 August 1999 Catherine Meyer interviewed on Charlie Rose
  7 June 1999 Launch of the Missingkids website
  8 May 1999 Abductions battles are no child’s play
  17 May 1999 The Boys She Lost
  8 May 1999 UK Abduction battles are no child's play
  23 April 1999 Launch of ICMEC at the British Embassy
  1999 My Baby is Missing!


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